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Autonomous vehicles have to be able to ‘see’ their environment in order to differentiate between objects, pedestrians and other vehicles. But at the same time Traffic Management systems have to be able to detect real time what is going on on the roads. Photonics is a catalyst technology for the Smart Mobility of the Future.But seeing is believing, and therefor the Automotive Campus, Experience Week Connected Transport and the Traffic Innovation Centre have organised a short tour at the Automotive Campus to show what Traffic Management Systems do /require and how Truck Platooning functions in real life.

3 October 2018, Automotive Campus, Helmond, The Netherlands
10:30 - 11.00 Welcome and registration
11.00 - 12.00 Visit / guided tour to Traffic Management Center
12:00 - 13.00 Visit to Truck Platooning demo
13.00 end and drinks
Automotive Campus
Automotive Campus 30
5708 JZ Helmond
The Netherlands
This workshop takes place during Photonics Applications Week. The tour is for free, but you have to register. There is a limited number of seats available.
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