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29 07 2019 01

A multi-partner project led by ERTICO – ITS Europe has started a real-life test of its truck fuel optimization module with a long-haul delivery mission from Turkey to Italy carrying shipments for consumer goods companies IKEA and Electrolux.

The optiTruck project aims to reduce the fuel consumption of heavy trucks by up to 20%, and the consortium will put its Global Optimizer to the test with the long-distance freight transport mission through Turkey, Greece and Italy. The trial will involve data captured by two vehicles: a standard, non-modified baseline truck; and a testbed truck equipped with the Global Optimizer system. The optiTruck project’s Global Optimizer system consists of dynamic, intelligent control and prediction components designed for effective powertrain management. The Optimizer uses the environment data related to the transport mission, road topography, weather and road conditions and surrounding vehicles.

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