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06 06 2019 02

With an increasing number of people moving to big cities, clean and efficient urban mobility is more important than ever. New urban mobility schemes are rapidly evolving due to social, economic and technological changes. Against this backdrop, Galileo can deliver new accuracy and reliability for location-dependant services that get people where they need to go.

The omnipresence of smart mobile devices is allowing new business models to emerge based on the sharing of goods and services, the so-called sharing economy. The growth of the sharing economy in recent years involves a shift from the owning of goods towards accessing them when you need them. Particularly in urban settings, we now see the appearance of 'Mobility as a Service' (MaaS), enabling people to make the mobility choices that best suit their needs.

"Here's the way to think about MaaS," said Josep Maria Salanova, Senior Researcher at the Hellenic Institute of Transport. "It's like today you have your data agreement for your mobile phone; you pay a certain amount for a certain amount of data and then you can use it. With MaaS, you could have the same thing on your mobile phone, but it's a mobility credit. You will pay an amount per month and you will have access to a variety of mobility options, busses, taxis, car sharing and so on."

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