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10 05 2019 04

Tesla has been making bold claims about future autonomous driving plans lately, most recently holding an “autonomy investor event” where the company laid out plans for its future full self-driving technology. At that event, Tesla stated that they would be ready to roll out a fully autonomous robotaxi fleet as early as next year, depending on regulations.

Today, CEO Elon Musk pushed that timeline forward a bit, and stated that Tesla’s long-planned autonomous cross-country roadtrip would actually occur later this year. Tesla has made claims in the past about enabling cross-country Autopilot travel, but the news today is that not only will it be possible for Tesla to do this on their own to demonstrate their technology, but that any Tesla owner (*with FSD software) will be able to do the same.

In previous mentions of the cross-country roadtrip, Musk has stated that Tesla could use specialized software to get the roadtrip done, but that it would be “cheating” to do so. Surely, picking the right roads, writing software specific to certain situations, would make the job much easier. But making a generalized solution for self-driving is much harder, as there will be many more unexpected situations and poorly-marked offramps in the real world.

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