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06 02 2019 01

Constellium N.V. announced that it is supplying aluminium structural components for new BMW X Model Sports Activity Vehicles. A partner to BMW Group for more than 10 years, Constellium supplies the new BMW X4 and X5 from its plant in White, Georgia.

Constellium provides front Crash Management Systems for both the BMW X4 and X5. The Crash Management System absorbs energy in a collision to protect the occupants and vehicle integrity. Aluminium is the ideal material for these components thanks to its superior energy absorption properties, and it also helps automakers save weight compared to traditional steel systems.

In addition, the Crash Management System plays an important role in pedestrian safety. The systems supplied to the BMW Group feature a second smaller bumper beam that helps prevent a pedestrian from falling under the car in the unfortunate event of an impact.

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