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31 01 2019 03

Audi is getting involved in the EEBUS initiative for the intelligent home integration of electric cars with the e-tron being the first EV to use the standard. Earlier this week at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers tested the standard’s cross-industry compatibility.

Audi is working with more than 70 international companies to create a common language for energy management in the Internet of Things with the EEBUS standard. Audi’s e-tron is the first electric car with a charging system that uses the new communication standard.

At the “Plugfest E-Mobility” held at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers and engineers performed model tests to check whether photovoltaics systems, charging infrastructure, electric cars, and the heating systems could communicate without interference. The devices were connected via a home energy management system (HEMS) that allows all energy-relevant devices to exchange information on their electricity requirements.

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