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24 01 2019 03

The Volkswagen Group is investing US$10 million in the US-based startup Forge Nano Inc. with a view to reinforcing its specialist knowledge in the field of battery research.

Forge Nano, formerly PneumatiCoat Technologies, is investigating processes for scaling atomic layer deposition (ALD) to create new core-shell materials, especially for battery applications, (earlier post) that could further improve the performance of battery materials.

The data on Forge Nano’s coatings in Li-ion batteries show:

  • ALD enabled cathode and anode materials increase battery lifetime by as much as 200%;
  • 20% higher battery capacity in large format pouch cells (40 Ah) that pass nail penetration testing;
  • 60% reduced gas generation in cathode material;
  • A low-cost high-voltage cathode powder with exceptional performance; and
  • Increased rate capability of conventional materials for enhanced fast charge acceptance using Forge Nano’s proprietary solid electrolyte coatings.

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