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19 12 2018 01

EU negotiators finally agreed on CO2 emission rules for cars and vans and the deal is a true compromise. CO2 emissions from new cars will have to decrease by 37.5% by 2030 and 31% for vans, which is slightly above the expected 35%. Yet, punitive measures connected to the number of plug-ins sold, otherwise typical for a real PEV sales quota, are not part of the deal.

Still, the overall reduction of CO emissions from cars by 37.5 percent compared to 2021 levels is the exact middle between goals that had initially been floated. While the EU Commission had aimed for no more than 30% and later a 35 per cent reduction in carbon emissions, the EU Parliament first insisted on a 40 per cent reduction.

This means in the end, the European Parliament and the 28 EU member states met in the middle and thus brokered a deal that is definitely stronger than previous proposals. It prompted Greg Archer, clean vehicles director at T&E, to say: “Europe is shifting up a gear in the race to produce zero-emission cars. The new law means by 2030 around a third of new cars will be electric or hydrogen-powered. That’s progress but it’s not fast enough to hit our climate goals.”

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