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07 12 2018 03

The Indra company’s proposal has been selected from among leading technology companies to participate in the final phase of “Select for Cities”, an important Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) competition which is part of the ambitious research and innovation plan Horizon 2020, promoted and financed by the EU.

The solution uses Minsait’s Onesait Platform, the Internet of Things and Big Data Open Platform as its technological basis, and its goal is to provide solutions that meet real needs to improve the efficiency and quality of life in the European cities through digital transformation.

Minsait, an Indra company, will launch its Smart Cities management platform in Antwerp and Helsinki after being selected in the European competition “Select for Cities”. This Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process, financed by the Horizon 2000 program of the European Union, has the main goal of designing, developing and deploying digital platforms based on the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) for the improvement of the quality of life and citizen services in Europe through the most advanced technologies.

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