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01 11 2018 04

Google/Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving vehicle division has announced that the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has just granted the company the first permit to begin fully driverless testing on public roads in the state.

The permit is the result of new DMV regulations that took effect in April, which allow companies to apply for fully driverless testing within carefully defined limits, and is the product of nearly 10 years of testing in California by Waymo’s team.

This will be the first time that California has allowed tests on public roads of fully driverless cars; that is, without a test driver sitting in the seat behind the wheel. Fully driverless testing is the latest step in the path that Waymo has been on since 2009, when the company first began working on self-driving technology at Google. Since then the company has driven over 10 million autonomous miles on public roads across 25 cities. California will join the Waymo driverless testing program that has been happening in Phoenix, Arizona, since last year.

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