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24 10 2018 03

Continental developed a system solution for Jaguar Land Rover that is specifically adapted to the requirements of sporty, performance-oriented powertrains. This innovative power electronics solution, which first went into production in the Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid, is designed for application across the entire future EV line-up of the two British premium brands.

The power electronics is a key component of hybrid and all-electric powertrains. It supplies power to the electric motor, while also controlling the process of energy recuperation. So in terms of function, it acts as an interface between the high-voltage battery and the electric motor. Since the battery supplies DC power, but the motor runs on three-phase AC power, the power electronics must first convert the DC power using an inverter, before supplying it at the required current and frequency to the motor. It is these two electrical parameters that control the operation of the motor.

In recuperation mode, the power electronics converts the AC current produced by the electric motor into DC current, which is then used to charge the battery. It is the power electronics which determine whether the full potential of the electric powertrain can be realised. In other words, the power electronics is key to maximising the driving enjoyment associated with the high low-end torque and instant response that form an inherent feature of electric motors.

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