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28 08 2018 03

A £1.7m (US$2.2m) project, funded by Innovate UK, has developed a cloud-based data platform that will help autonomous and human-driven vehicles connect and communicate with each other and their surroundings to reduce collisions and traffic congestion.

Led by the University of Nottingham and innovative digital technology company, Control F1 (now part of the Intercept IP Group), the two-year i-Motors project has produced a mobile platform for data transfer and storage by vehicles from different manufacturers. The Vehicle Cloud Computing (VCC) system can securely handle ‘big data’ with near real-time results, which will be essential if lots of vehicles are ‘talking’ to each other and sharing information with traffic control centers and smart city infrastructure. The VCC can accept data from a variety of external sources and capture information from multiple vehicles to provide driver and car with timely and accurate updates on road works, congestion, weather conditions and other issues that might affect travel. The platform also allows vehicles to automatically report and self-diagnose problems to reduce the chance of a road-side breakdown or detect hazardous conditions and warn other nearby vehicles.

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