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22 08 2018 03

Navigation and traffic information services provider TomTom has announced that, in a single month, it has made 1.5 billion changes to the digital maps that are delivered to its worldwide customers on a weekly basis.

The company says this latest milestone is key to its mission to help shape the future of mobility in a world that increasingly relies on digital maps as an accurate representation of reality.

On average, TomTom’s map is updated more than 570 times a second, with the changes consisting of a mixture of geometry and road features and may include new points of interest (POIs), altered road junctions or new addresses. The company’s maps are delivered to auto makers, Tier 1 suppliers, technology companies and developers on a weekly basis. The 1.5 billion map changes in a month equates to 49.3 million changes per day, or 2.1 million changes per hour.

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Tags: Mobility

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