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25 07 2018 01

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), with partners from the automotive, automotive supply and petroleum industries and with the support of the German state government of Baden-Württemberg, are launching a broad-based program to explore the opportunities synthetic fuels derived from non-fossil carbon sources offer society, the economy and the environment.

In order to achieve the given climate goals, we need an intelligent mix of different alternative drives. Efficient synthetic fuels from sustainable sources can be a possible climate-neutral perspective for the internal combustion engine in the medium and long-term. By intensifying research together with partners from the automotive and supplier industries, the oil industry and civil society, we are taking an important step towards climate-friendly mobility.

—Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of the state of Baden-Württemberg

The project “reFuels - Refueling of fuels” will investigate processes to produce gasoline and diesel fuels from sustainably available raw materials such as plant parts on a large scale. It will also examine how regenerative fuels affect the pollutant emissions of the existing fleet and the function of vehicles and individual components. Above all, the project partners want to create acceptance among society and consumers for the novel fuels.

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