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11 04 2018 01

Fortum Charge & Drive has opened its first high power charging station in Norway. It marks the beginning of a HPC corridor through the Nordics that is to connect Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki before the end of 2018 as a start.

The station is located at Nygårdskrysset, 20 minutes south of Oslo, on the motorway leading to Stockholm and was set up in partnership with in partnership with Reitan Convenience stores. Fortum Charge & Drive says that this charging station is able to charge EVs up to 7 times faster than other quick chargers on the market today.

The charging station is part of the High-Power Charging (HPC) corridor that the provider is installing between Norway, Sweden and Finland. This means that electric cars with a range around 300 km will be able to drive from Helsinki to Oslo and won’t take longer for the journey than conventional cars.

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