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30 03 2018 04

100 electric buses can now be charged at the “world’s largest charge depot” as Heliox brings 109 fast-charging stations online, including 24 with 450 kW. The electric bendy buses come from VDL and will serve on 6 routes around Schiphol Airport 24/7.

The charge depot at Amsterdam’s airport boasts a combined charge power of 13 MW, making it one of a kind. Heliox has provided the fast-charging stations that had to be installed at two different depots in Amsterdam and Amstelveen at the same time.

The network has now gone live and serves a fleet of 100 electric bendy buses built by VDL. The Citeas are expected to jointly drive 30,000 km per day and so they need opportunity charging.

For this, Heliox has installed 23 OC 450 kW at 4 strategic charging points in the operation, that recharge the battery in 2-4 minutes via the buses’ roof-mounted system using a pantograph.

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