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26 03 2018 03

The Province of North Holland is using Intertraffic Amsterdam this week (March 20-23) to showcase its new Blue Wave traffic management system – the first in the world to integrate management of water and road traffic in order to optimize bridge openings. The system will go live next month (April 17, 2018)

The extensive network of canals in Amsterdam and across North Holland means that bridge openings have a significant impact on road traffic flows. Moreover, canal traffic can be delayed as it must wait for bridge openings to be scheduled.

Blue Wave works via an app which boat skippers use to plan their journey. This app sends trip data to traffic management centers, which then make it available as open data to trip planners and navigation companies. This means that both drivers and skippers can get accurate information about bridge opening times so they can better plan their journeys to coincide with them and avoid delays. The app can help boats to bunch together that are on similar trips so that a single bridge opening will allow multiple craft through.

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