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19 03 2018 03

The popular Chevy Bolt is going to receive a heavy investment for further development of autonomous driving capabilities. The Cruise AV, as the autonomous Bolt will be called, is expected to go into serial production soon, in time for a driverless ride-share programme launching in 2019.

Two factories will be undergoing major overhauls to prepare for the incoming changes in the production line. The first 130 of the autonomous Bolt vehicles were completed last June at their Orion assembly plant, which is one of the plants to receive the upgrade; the other being located at Brownstown.

The Orion facility will be used to install the redundant safety features for the self-driving cars, while the roof modules, which provide the vehicle with “sight”. The vehicle is designed without a steering wheel or pedals, which makes this a somewhat bold step for the automotive manufacturer, however the leap has been at work for some time now.

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