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19 03 2018 02

Tesla began rolling out its latest Autopilot update to its fleet of AP 2.0 vehicles last week, to much acclaim from Model S and X owners worldwide. From improved lane-changing to better handling on long, twisty roads, Tesla’s v8.1 2018.10.4 update featured what could very well be the biggest improvements to the Autopilot 2.0 suite since it was introduced in October 2016.

Based on observations from Model S and X owners, it appears that the latest over-the-air update greatly improved the vehicles’ lane-keeping capabilities, with AP 2.0 now holding a lane without ping-ponging from one side to the next. Sharp curves and hills are also handled smoothly, showing a dramatic improvement over prior versions of Autopilot.

Lane changes, which used to cause jerky movements on the car’s steering, are now smooth and refined as well. This is not all, however, as even conditions that gave difficulty to Tesla’s reliable first generation Autopilot system, such as snow and sleet-filled roads with low visibility, were handled by AP 2.0 under 2018.10.4 with ease.

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