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06 03 2018 03

According to a major new study by Here Technologies, a fundamental rethink is needed in the way that companies gather and use location data in order for people to embrace new services such as autonomous cars and drone deliveries.

Mistrust, concern and uncertainty over how companies and service providers collect and use location data are revealed in Here’s survey of 8,000 people across eight countries, with many respondents concerned about possible abuses of public trust. According to the study, just 20% of people feel they have full control over their personal location data, with 44% sharing location data with apps and service providers unintentionally, despite trying to restrict access.

A total of 76% of the participants are left feeling stressed or vulnerable about sharing their location data. The main reasons why respondents felt trust was being abused are insufficient controls for management of personal data, coupled with a lack of transparency on the part of data collectors. As one of the major collectors and users of location data, the survey’s finding will be of particular concern to the transportation industry, which relies on this information for multiple services.

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