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20 02 2018 01

From 2019 onwards, the Volkswagen Group brands will use the WLANp standard (IEEE 802.11p) for communications among vehicles and between vehicles and their environment (V2X). The introduction of this technology as standard equipment on volume models ranging from compact cars to commercial vehicles will significantly improve safety on the roads of Europe, the company said.

The legacy IEEE 802.11p standard allows reliable low latency communication of basic safety messages between vehicles and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. (Earlier post.) Networking among vehicles and between vehicles and their environment, irrespective of manufacturer, will be a key step in reducing road accidents. Within a few milliseconds, traffic-relevant information on the local environment about 500 m around the vehicle will be transmitted both among vehicles and between vehicles and traffic infrastructure.

(The IEEE 802.11p-2010 amendment to the 802.11 standard was superseded and became part of the full IEEE 802.11-2012 standard—which is turn has been superseded by IEEE 802.11-2016.)

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