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16 02 2018 01

The European Commission (EC) has launched a web-based urban transport roadmaps tool to help city authorities develop plans that address the most pressing environmental, social and economic issues faced by their transportation systems between now and 2030.

European cities face increasing challenges to their mobility systems, such as congestion, air pollution, ambient noise, CO₂ emissions, accidents and urban sprawl. To tackle these problems, the EC wants cities to develop and implement coherent and challenging Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPS).

Central to the development of effective sustainable transport strategies is the availability of tools and guidance documents, helping policymakers to understand the range of possible actions and steps to successful implementation. The Urban Transport Roadmaps project, supported by the EC’s DG Move unit, is now providing a web-based support tool to help cities explore policy options for SUMPS.

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Tags: Mobility

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