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15 02 2018 01

It can be difficult for dealerships to sell both electric cars and gas-powered vehicles at the same time since the strengths of one are often the weaknesses of the other. That’s partly why Tesla decided to bypass the dealership model and operate it.

Now Renault is going to try the same with its own electric car-only store in Europe.

The French automaker announced the initiative today. The first store, which they called a ‘Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center’, will be open to the public on February 16 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gilles Normand, Groupe Renault Senior Vice President of Electric Vehicles, commented on the announcement:

“We are delighted to be opening this store which will enable us to engage with people about electric mobility, help them to learn more about the subject and give them a chance to share their ideas. As Europe’s number one EV brand, we will be able to use this concept store to interact with the public and help people to understand the opportunities and benefits of electric motoring,”

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