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07 02 2018 04

Korean auto maker Hyundai has successfully completed the world’s first demonstration on public roads of hydrogen fuel cell-powered SAE Level 4 autonomous electric vehicles, with a fleet of three NEXO sedans self-driving on a 118-mile (190km) journey from Seoul to PyeongChang.

Until now, automated driving has only been demonstrated on selected sections of Korean domestic roads and at a limited speed, so this was the first time that autonomous vehicles have operated on public highways at 68mph (110km/h), the country’s maximum speed limit. Three vehicles completed the journey, all based on NEXO, Hyundai’s next-generation fuel cell electric car, which is scheduled to be released in Korea next month. All vehicles were equipped with Level 4 self-driving technology, and equipped with 5G network equipment from KT Corp (formerly Korea Telecom), the country’s largest mobile service provider.

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