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30 01 2018 04

According to Volvo, its first-ever pure electric vehicle will be an all-new hatchback arriving in 2019. XC40 electric CUV will be next.

The production EV will be based on the 40.2 concept.

Volvo is already at the forefront of the hybrid race, together with a couple of other manufacturers, but the Swedish company is aiming high and is looking to expand its portfolio with a purely electric vehicle. This will happen in 2019, according to a new report from Autocar, when the brand’s first-ever EV will debut.

The British publication claims the electric car will be largely based on the 40.2 concept, which will morph into a production model with only a few design changes. The EV will take the shape of a coupe-like hatchback and will be positioned in the 40-badged model series of Volvo with a similar size to the S40 and V40.

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