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15 12 2017 03

German software supplier for the public transport and logistics industries, IVU Traffic Technologies, has partnered with the developer of the first platform for the operation of autonomous vehicle (AV) fleets, BestMile, to provide a system for fully integrating automated vehicles into traditional transportation networks.

IVU and BestMile have launched the Autonomous Driving for Public Transport (ADxPT) project, which sees the companies jointly developing a test and demonstration system in which public transportation companies can integrate and efficiently operate hybrid fleets of autonomous and driver-operated vehicles. A central focus is for both companies to interconnect their respective technologies to allow the integration, real-time routing, and dispatching, of both vehicle types.

Over the next few years, mobility services will experience a transitional phase where autonomous and human-driven vehicles will co-exist within the same fleets. How efficiently autonomous mobility services are deployed, optimized and integrated in the existing transportation ecosystem is crucial and will directly impact the speed and level of adoption of AVs worldwide. The two companies believe that the benefits of autonomous mobility do not lie solely in AVs, but mostly in what they can offer when they are operated and managed collectively in an integrated transportation ecosystem.

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