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11 12 2017 02

A fleet of 500 all-electric Renault ZOE superminis will be arriving in Madrid this month with the car-sharing service ZITY, the result of a cooperation between Renault and the urban services operator Ferrovial. (Earlier post.) This new car-sharing scheme covers a wide area of the Spanish capital. Madrid has the highest rate of daily car-sharing in Europe due to the city’s size, population, traffic problems and air pollution issues.

At times of intense air pollution, electric vehicle parking in Madrid is free; EVs are still permitted access to the city center at times when entry restrictions on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are at their most drastic. In June 2018, Madrid’s “Hyper-center” will be permanently out of bounds to ICE vehicles. These conditions led to Renault and Ferrovial to sign an agreement in August to launch ZITY.

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