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04 12 2017 02

A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that driving an electric vehicle can save the average American $770 per year. The study focused on the 50 largest cities in the US and found a range of annual savings between $443 and $1,077 per year, depending on local gasoline and electricity costs, with a median of $770.

Among other findings, it also showed that electricity prices are more stable than gas prices, that EV purchase prices are going down as the industry matures, and that EVs can often be cheaper to maintain than comparable gas vehicles.

The study also tallied up the “gallon-equivalent” cost of electricity, comparing how much a gallon of gasoline would have to be in order to be cheaper than electricity. The median price found in the study was 90 cents per gallon – a gas price which hasn’t been “normal” since around the turn of the millennium, and even then only in some regions of the US.

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