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After the international community was shocked to learn that popular German car brands had been cheating in emissions tests, trust and income has fallen across the board. In a move to combat this, as well as adapt to a future energy market, a consortium of car manufacturers has announced plans to install a series of high speed charging stations, which will allow for easier and simpler travel with EVs.

In a combined move by the BMW Group, Daimly AG, the Ford Motor Company, the Volkswagen Group, Audi and Porsche, the IONITY Pan-European High Power Charging (HPC) Network will tackle a significant hurdle in electric long distance travel. Instead of having to sacrifice hours of valuable travel time to charging stations, the 400 fast charging stations that will be implemented across Europe’s thoroughfares and highways will revolutionize long-distance travel with electric cars. The consortium plans to begin construction of the first 20 stations in 2017 and complete the entire project by 2020.

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