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04 10 2017 02

Later this year, concept evaluation of Freevalve AB’s radical camless engine technology is expected to be completed by Qoros Auto. The technology, known as Qamfree, could lead to volume production, bringing a new dimension to powertrain design and engineering.

Besides Qoros (owned by Chery Automotive), two other OEMs are also understood to be potential adopters of the system.

Freevalve was a sister company of Koenigsegg AB, the Swedish supercar maker, from 2003-2017 and is now independent. Its Qamfree system differs from other camless designs in that it uses pneumatic-hydraulic-electronic actuators (PHEA) to replace the camshaft. Freevalve engineers state that this delivers more precise and completely customizable control over valve duration and lift on both the intake and exhaust sides.

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