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16 08 2017 04

WOLFSBURG - Using a Dataplug and the Volkswagen Connect app, drivers will be able to access a wide range of information about their car and their journeys, and they can contact their Retailer or call customer support quickly and efficiently.

VW’s Car-Net system brings the benefits of internet connectivity into new models. Now VW Connect brings a variety of useful connectivity functions to cars built from 2008. This is achieved via the simple retro-fitting of a Dataplug that connects via Bluetooth to the customer’s mobile phone. The result is the convenience for the customer of having their car connected to their mobile smartphone.

Step one to accessing this service is for customers to collect a Dataplug from their local participating Retailer. These plugs are being offered free until the end of this year. The Retailer will also fit the device to the car in a process that takes just a couple of minutes. To activate its features, the customer needs to download the Volkswagen Connect mobile smartphone app.

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