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21 07 2017 02

  • Continental is developing solutions for driverless vehicles in urban areas.
  • Contributing to modern mobility, robo-taxis provide a solution for congestion, accidents, contaminated air and parking problems in cities.
  • In the future, Continental will test and research driverless passenger transportation at its Frankfurt location with the CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience) demo vehicle.
  • Robo-taxis as a feel-good cocoon: Interiors support individualization and functional integration in surfaces.

Frankfurt, Germany, July 20, 2017. More and more people are flocking to cities. According to a 2014 UN study, two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050 – and they will also be driving their cars there. However, it would perhaps be more accurate to say that they’ll be trying to drive their cars there, because global traffic jam statistics tell us that individual “mobility” in cities will be severely restricted. The current average speed in London, for example, was only 7.8 miles per hour in 2016. Accidents, emissions, loss of time, notorious parking problems and stress are the ever-present consequences of this concentration of traffic in urban areas – and in view of the fact that the world’s megacities are growing,

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