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15 06 2017 01

When you think of central Ohio, you might not think “hotbed of innovation.” But you’re going to want to rethink that. This summer, a 35-mile stretch of U.S. Route 33 outside of Marysville, Ohio, will be wired to test vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications.

“A year ago, we had zero plan for all this,” said Eric Phillips in a phone interview. He’s the executive director for the Union County Community Improvement Corporation and the CEO of the Union County Chamber of Commerce. “It started as a fiber connectivity project.”

Marysville is an exurb of Columbus, which won $50 million in funding for its Smart Columbus project. Columbus is also home to Ohio State University, which is working on a smart mobility initiative. Honda‘s manufacturing base for North America is just northwest of Marysville. And the Transportation Research Center and NHTSA Vehicle Research Test Center are at the opposite end of the corridor in East Liberty. Along this stretch of Route 33 between East Liberty and Dublin lies a cluster of about 50 other automotive businesses.

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