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30 05 2017 01

The growing demand for road safety and efficient mobility is driving the adoption of cooperative intelligent transportation solutions (C-ITS). A key enabler of C-ITS is Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication. It supports the exchange of information between vehicles, infrastructure and other road users, such as pedestrians. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is enabled using 802.11p (DSRC or ITS-G5) or cellular technology. 802.11p is a proven technology; however, it is not future proof. Cellular promises advanced features, but they are relatively unproven.

“Early adopters are expected to take up a hybrid solution to enable C-ITS, which is expected to transition to a purely cellular-based solution in the long-term,” said Mobility Analyst Siddhanth Kumaramanickavel. “Automotive OEMs prefer to provide consumers with ‘Day 1’ or immediate use cases. V2V and V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) technologies require sufficient proliferation to yield benefits.”

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