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29 05 2017 02

Bosch, in partnership with Autotalks, Cohda Wireless and Ducati, has developed a prototype solution which connects cars and motorcycles, allowing them to communicate with each other in a bid to reduce the number of crashes involving motorcyclists.

According to estimates by Bosch accident research, motorcycle-to-car communication could prevent nearly one-third of motorcycle accidents.

The system enables vehicles within a radius of several hundred metres to exchange information about ten times a second about vehicle types, speed, position, and direction of travel. Well before drivers or their vehicle sensors see an approaching motorcycle, this technology informs them that a motorcycle is approaching, allowing them to adopt a more defensive driving strategy. If the system identifies a potentially dangerous situation, it can warn the rider or driver by sounding an alarm and flashing a warning notice on the dashboard. In this way, all road users receive essential information that actively helps avoid accidents.

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