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19 05 2017 01

In these early days of smart cities and connected cars, Savari has emerged as a V2X (that’s vehicle-to-everything) innovator. Now it’s joined the 5G Automotive Association to bring cellular communications to connected cars.

This technology doesn’t merely provide faster cell service on the morning commute. Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) is a communications system for connected cars to share data with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure — no humans required. With 5G, cars can send and receive messages 10 times per second. The data can be analyzed quickly enough to provide as much as 3 seconds’ advance warning before an accident might happen, according to Savari.

Using 5G communications means that the collected data also can be uploaded to the cloud and distributed via the cellular network to other cars using 5G. This will give other drivers more information even earlier. Rather than relying on the data to avoid an imminent crash, the network can tell traffic to avoid that stretch of road altogether until the accident is cleared.

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