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16 05 2017 03

People who build conventional cars think their business model is safe because who would drive an electric car that takes an hour or more to recharge when you could drive a car with an internal combustion engine and never spend more than five minutes filling the tank? Range anxiety is seen by many as the number one reason people don’t want to buy an electric car, but it really is about convenience.

Those who advocate for hydrogen fuel cell powered cars use the same argument — it only takes 10 minutes of so to refuel with hydrogen. What sort of idiot would waste an hour or more charging a battery when filling a hydrogen storage tank takes so little time?

Both groups may be about to have their worlds turned upside down by StoreDot, an Israeli company that claims it has new a new battery that can go three hundred miles on a charge and then be replenished in only five minutes. If true, the electric car revolution just took a giant leap forward.

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