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In a recent article, we covered 10 startups that are connecting cars and the huge effect they could have on roadways in the coming years. Another interesting (and related) technology that investors should watch is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. The market extends to other methods of vehicle communication aside from just talking to “the cloud”. These other methods include vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), and vehicle-to-home (V2H). Just in case there are not enough acronyms for you here, we can also use another acronym to describe all these types of methods which is “V2X” or “vehicle to everything”.

V2V communication allows vehicles to relay data to improve safety, speed up travel times, and plays a key role in autonomous driving. While there is some likelihood that V2V setups will be available aftermarket, most expect a fairly quick transition to V2V technology with the functionality coming as a standard feature in new car models. In December 2016, the U.S. Department Of Transportation issued a mandate that would require V2V communication capabilities in all new cars by 2023. That’s only 6 years from now, and startups are lining up to get a piece of that action. We’ve already seen some companies begin to include V2V communication capabilities, including the 2017 Cadillac CTS, which is outfitted with DSRC short-range radio communication devices that share data that include GPS locations, speed, and heading.

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