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28 04 2017 02

as consumers move away from traditional gas-powered cars over to more sustainable power choices such as electricity and hydrogen, the ‘gas station’ as we know it is quickly becoming redundant. the idea of ‘alternative refueling stations’ poses a new oportunity for architects, designers and technicians alike, and BMW are the latest to propose a solution. the BMW subsidiary designworks studio has collaborated with shell to develop an innovative hydrogen dispenser to make refueling H-powered vehicles as easy as topping up with gas.

BMW’s designworks is already well accquainted with designing for the future of mobility, which is likely why shell chose to commission the studio to create their hydrogen dispenser. dubbed oasis, the finished product sets out to create a seamless experience for hydrogen drivers on the forecourt, whilst promoting the adoption of hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

differing from the ‘H’ or ‘L’ shaped fuel dispensers currently on the market, the oasis hydrogen dispenser takes a more pillar-like aesthetic, influenced by natural forms. the design is simple, and designworks have purposely hidden all mechanical parts with the intention to make the handle elegant and easy to use. the studio have even integrated a screen directly into the nozzle, that guides the user through the refuelling process step by step.

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