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25 04 2001 01

After experiencing all of the varied communication systems – visual, audio, written, spoken, tactile, light-emitted, emotionally responsive – embedded into the Toyota Concept-i unveiled at CES this year, we came to the conclusion that we may have entered an automotive Age of Babel. As we spend more time in our cars, and as we become accustomed to always having fingertip access to the world's fount of knowledge (and crowd-sourced falafel recommendations), expectations for what our vehicles should be able to do have outpaced our capacity to fluidly and safely process them.

We're not the only ones who feel this way. General Motors, Ford, and BMW agree that new modes of information organization are required. That's why they're partnering with IBM, among others, to work solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can interpret and respond to natural voice-based commands. IBM has deep roots in this protocol, having been developing its proprietary system, Watson, since early in this century. (Remember when it competed, and won on Jeopardy!?)

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