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24 04 2017 06

GKN Driveline has presented an advanced technology concept for a fully integrated eDrive system at the 2017 Auto Shanghai motor show. All of the components of GKN’s eDrive system are contained within a bespoke housing, resulting in optimised packaging and greatly simplifying the integration process for car manufacturers.

The sophisticated ‘wireless’ setup is approximately 15% smaller, 10% lighter, more efficient and more refined than electric vehicle systems that use separate components. GKN’s fully integrated design will enable advanced eDrive solutions to be supplied to OEMs at lower unit costs than today’s electric drivelines, paving the way for more affordable eDrive variants of mainstream vehicles.

GKN’s complete eDrive system packages the electric motor, power inverter and eAxle reduction gearbox within a single casing. The close proximity of the components results in significant improvements in both mechanical and electrical efficiency compared to today’s technology. The optimal packaging is also more refined, as the housing helps to suppress noise and vibrations. The bespoke design means that the cooling requirements have been wholly factored in from the start, leading to further efficiencies in the system.

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