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24 04 2017 04

Based on the lithium-ion battery technology that Mercedes-Benz has used to power 80,000 hybrid and fully electric vehicles since 2012, Mercedes Benz residential storage batteries are now ready for sale to customers in the UK. Up to 8 battery modules, each with a capacity of 2.5 kWh, can be combined to create an energy storage system with a capacity of 20 kWh. Industrial applications have even greater scalability.

Using an energy storage system from Mercedes-Benz Energy, households with their own solar energy systems can store surplus power with virtually no losses. By combining renewable energy sources with a battery storage unit, households can explore the potential of their own “private energy revolution,” as Mercedes-Benz put it.

Prices for residential systems depend on the components of a customized package selected by the customer. A typical system consists of solar panels, a battery inverter, an energy management system, and the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit itself, plus the cost of installation.

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