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07 04 2017 04

Regardless of whether humans or software algorithms are driving our cars, our transportation will be more connected in the coming years. At the same time, our cars are generating ever more data and these two trends are merging to generate potential new revenue streams for the auto industry as vehicle sales plateau and eventually decline. Several companies are now stepping to the fore to provide platforms to facilitate the development of services that leverage that data to make money including Delphi and Ericsson.

Both companies are now offering data brokerage platforms to automakers and third-party service providers. Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications company announced its Connected Vehicle Marketplace platform in late-February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Today, automotive supplier Delphi announced that it is investing in Israeli startup Otonomo to provide a similar service. Delphi hasn't announced how much it is investing or what stake it will get in the startup.

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