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30 03 2017 02

Electrification is the right step forward for Volvo, according to its company CEO Hakan Samuelsson. In an interview with WardsAuto, he added that diesel engines would not be able to remain competitive in the future as well.

This is due to the increasingly stringent emissions standards set by the European Union, where by 2021, the fleet average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to be achieved by all new cars is 95 g/km. Along with the ever-decreasing nitrogen dioxide (NOx) limits, diesel engines would not be a good fit in Volvo’s future plans, although they are still relevant for now.

“Looking further down the line, at under 95, diesel will not be able to help us. Only electrification can. The combustion engine will more and more be combined with hybridization, whether that be diesel or petrol. Of course, improving the efficiency of the combustion engine is more or less done, so the next step has to be hybridization and pure-electric cars,” said Samuelsson.

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