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30 08 2019 04

Tesla is now increasing the charging capacity of its fast-charging network in Europe from 120 kW to 150 kW. The upgrade will benefit all second-generation superchargers installed at around 500 European supercharger sites, with a few exceptions.

Tesla has informed via email that upgrades are also planned for the few older generation charging parks, which will increase the theoretical charging capacity to 138 kW. The planned update was already announced in April.

When customers select a charging station on the trip planner in their vehicles, they can view the changed status of the potential supercharger charging capacity by pressing the marker points of the supercharger locations on the central screen. According to Tesla, all new models in the Model S and Model X series, as well as the vehicle variants of the Model 3 with the large battery are capable of charging at the new peak rate of up to 150 kW. Whether a vehicle is basically able to call up the respective new maximum charging capacity depends on several factors, such as the size and age of the battery, the current state of charge and the climatic conditions, according to Tesla.

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