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The project 'H2Share', submitted by WaterstofNet at Interreg North-West Europe (NWE), is approved.

Within the project 'H2Share' a 27 ton rigid truck on hydrogen and a flexible low energy mobile H2 refueler will be built and demonstrated.

The objective of 'H2Share' is to facilitate the development of a market for low-carbon heavy duty vehicles on hydrogen (H2) for logistic applications and gain practical experience in different regions in NWE creating a transnational living lab and a basis for the development of a zero-emission heavy duty vehicle industry in the NWE area.

The project will deliver proof of readiness of hydrogen technology for heavy duty applications in real life conditions.

'H2Share' stands for 'Hydrogen Solutions for Heavy duty transport Aimed at Reduction of Emissions in North West Europe'. The project will run untill March 2020 and will be coordinated and disseminated by WaterstofNet.


For more information, please contact Wouter van der Laak

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