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TASS International

Steenovenweg 1b
provincie: Noord Brabant

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TASS International is a consolidation of five automotive companies - TASS, TTAI, TNO Homologations, EEMC and TNO Driving Guidance Lab - resulting in a single business entity that supports the transport industry developing safety systems that lead to smarter, safer and greener vehicles. Tass International is located in two places: Helmond: Steenovenweg 1b, 5708 HN Rijswijk: Einsteinlaan 6, 2289 CC Visit also our European Electric Mobility Center


We offer reliable virtual models, simulation software, engineering services and testing facilities that support further reduction of CO2 emissions, improve real-life safety and facilitate (electro) mobility to OEM vehicle manufacturers, 1st tier suppliers and governmental organizations around the world. It is our vision to create future virtual labs, thereby helping our customers to increase the release time and speed to market.


- Simulation software 
- Testing and homologation services for certification of safety products 
- Testing centers for vehicle safety engineering and passive safety testing 
- Testing facility for research on component, system and vehicle level for hybrid & electric vehicles 
- Testing facility for research on cooperative mobility for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)

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