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After the founding of the company Arplas in 1971 (the companies name being a contraction of the founders name -- Mr. Theo Arp - and the Dutch word for weld - las - ), the core business consisted of trade in welding equipment. In due time business expanded with automation in resistance welding technology and subsequently the basic trading business became a background activity.

In the years to follow various tailor-made welding equipment were designed, manufactured and sold, of which the fully automated Oil Drum Welding Machine is still being assembled at the companies headquarters at Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Research & Development was extended especially in the field of energy and cost saving welding technologies leading to the invention of the Arplas System (AL-S) in 1997, for which worldwide patent applications were issued. An increasing number of automobile manufacturers recognised the Systems capability of welding small flanges and difficult to reach areas. Nowadays the AL-S technology is well established in a great variety of Applications at renowned automobile manufacturing plants in Europe and abroad.

In 2003 the company AL-S Technology BV was established, dedicated to the development and worldwide marketing of The Arplas System (AL-S). Its latest R&D invention, for which worldwide patent application has been issued, is the AL-S Quality Certification System that provides online measuring and documentation of the weld quality as well as online process statistics. 


Over the years the Arplas System (AL-S) has proven a reliable and quality enhancing Technology in various Applications in the automotive industry. Ever since the introduction of this Technology in 1997 it has been operated successfully in over 20 plants worldwide. The basic principle of the AL-STechnology is to apply the minimum possible energy to the parts to be welded while still reaching a full structural weld. The technology is based on the resistance welding principle but uses a completely different set of parameters than the traditional technique. Resulting from its short weld-time (in fact about 4 milliseconds) and high current pulse, the heat influenced zone is importantly reduced. The thermally induced stress relieve, well known from traditional techniques, is almost non existing resulting in less deformation of the parts. To focus the AL-S Energy Pulse, an AL-S Dimple must be formed in one of the parts to be welded together. By its special shape and sharpness, it is designed to guarantee structural welds between the parts, while leaving the non dimpled part blemish free. As the welding process takes places in only 4 milliseconds, keeping the weld force constant during the formation of the weld, requires the use of the AL-S Head that is constructed to guarantee a fast follow up. Furthermore the dedicated low inductance AL-S Transformer is designed to allow the current to reach its peak value within this time frame. Finally the AL-S Quality Certification System is used to set parameters, measure the Current and verify and document the weld that is produced by The Arplas System AL-S

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