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Hielkema Testequipment

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Since 1991, Hielkema Testequipment B.V. has been supplying organizations throughout the Benelux and Scandinavia with a wide variety of high quality environmental test chambers for product reliability testing. Our strength not only lies in our product range, but also in our ability to think outside the box, while maintaining warranties and consistency. In addition to our wide product range, we also offer the possibility to create various test simulations for the perfect environments, such as climate and corrosion tests. These tests can be carried out in our brand new testing facility, which also offers customers the opportunity to see and test our environmental chambers. Also, maintenance and calibration are carried out by our own qualified service team.


Hielkema Testequipment represents Espec, Binder and Qualmark. Our product range consists of the following products: ~ Temperature test cabinets ~ Climate test chambers ~ Thermal shock cabinets ~ Battery test chambers ~ (Cyclic) Corrosion test cabinets ~ HAST systems ~ Vibration test cabinets ~ Burn-in test systems ~ Solar boxes ~ HALT and HASS ~ Lab ovens and incubators

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