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We are Innovactory and it's our goal to deliver innovative customized personalized services to individual travellers to support them during their daily commute, frequent trips and journeys to every destination using a car. In 2014 we launched TimesUpp successfully into the Dutch market. In the course of 2016 we will introduce the second generation globally.

We are planning to be a part of the autonomous driving ecosystem. There is a lot going on to make cars smarter and to let them drive automatically from A to B. Autonomous driving is great but equally important is to know what travel intends all those people have, when, where and where to, day in day out. Innovactory focuses on people and supporting them during their planned and unplanned movements across this planet.

TimesUpp, the smart travel assistant; is a clever application powered by TomTom Traffic making sure its users leave on time by warning them in advance. Based on the agenda of the user and where they currently are TimesUpp decides what the best moment is to travel.

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